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French chic: off to Café Lapérouse!

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Off to the café lapérouse.it opened the doors of the hôtel de la marine, on place de la concorde in paris, with decoration signed by cordélia de castellane.first destination outside of the mythical walls of the restaurant on the grand augustin quays.interview with cordélia de castellane, creative directori wanted this extremely parisian feeling, not the parisian we expect and know, but twisted. i wanted to delve into the places where lapérouse, the sailor, went. so i created two decors and i split the restaurant, with the bar in the middle. there's a decor at the back that captures the codes you find in the lapéouse's main house, with engraved mirrors cordoba leather, the hot side, almost like the literary salons of the time, in the small rooms.then, on the other side, something more airy.i wanted to bring the paris of the beginning of the century back to life. so there's a lot of things that are a bit madeleine castaing, one of those great designers of the beginning of the century.then, for me, paris has this colour that i always call paris blue.that sky that blends into the roots, so i wanted to play with shades of blue, the blue of the sea, of the hôtel de la marine.i wanted this extremely parisian feel, but not the parisian that we expect and know, but twisted.paris, after all, is a platform for travel, for different people coming together from different backgrounds, different cultures, and that's what i wanted to show here. i only had french artists work at lapérouse. this very french side, is quite natural. there's rattan, straw, all mixed up with silverware.i wanted it to be like being at home. and it's that soul that's important. i think that's what it comes down to. to be french, is to do things just like that, with instinct, and not searching for perfection.it was very important for me to make france shine because, as it is something that will go international, since we're going to take this journey to other destinations. i wanted it to be extremely parisian.when i say parisian, i mean refined.it's in the details, it doesn't have to be extravagant, or excessive, it's more in the details, in the savoir-faire, how things are done.