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Tranoï show to be confronted with reality

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Tranoi salontranoï to be confronted with realityafter more than a year of absencethe tranoi show took placeat the end of june at the palais de tokyo in parisin partnership with the fashion federationbringing togetherinternational buyers and young fashion brandsthis show also attractedinfluencers and journalists by the originality and creativity of 23 emerging designerspresent at this first post-covid edition,with a new discourse turned towards the futureinterview:it was really a gamble, it was the passion that spoke, we needed a physical event.brands need to present physically.we need to smell, touch and look at the collections.fashion is alive and kicking and we are delighted to be here.i try to translate atmospheres.when someone sees the garment and wears it, they bring it back to an atmosphere and a feeling that they have experienced.they feel good and they feel alive again, they feel good about their life and that's the most important thing.i wish people would dare a little more to go in that direction.you have the suit with the detail of the lapel which remains rather classic.but we have, in addition, a rather fluid, light material and the reverse side is inspired by peony petals.it's idea of blossoming, developing, after a difficult time.brands feel free, they don't want to talk about covid anymore, what it did to them.they're ahead, they're looking to the future.and this wind of freedom is very pleasant.you want to go with him, to be sucked into this creative freedom.