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Insider - Exclusive interview : Michael Kors celebrates 40 years of his eponymous brand

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Interview with michael kors : fashion is always about what's next and what's new.american designer michael korscelebrates 40 years of his eponymous brandwith a fashion show on broadway, broadcast digitallyfrom the heart of new york, his hometownwhere he created his label in 2001and where he has always shown his collections. he receives us at his office,by zoom,warm, positive, full of anecdotes our exclusive special 40th anniversary interview with michael korsinterview with michael kors : 40 years in fashion when i think about my 40 years,certainly my first season in business, i now realize that to beat bergdorf goodman when you're 22 years old, in the windows on fifth avenue,it was incredible.40 years with top modelsi was able to filmthis fashion collection, the 40th anniversary,the attitude and the energy to photograph it and film iton the streets of the theater district here in new york city, to celebrate liveperformance, the city of my birth, the city that i love,and to see models who have been such a huge part of my career,people like naomi campbell.i've worked with naomi in all four decades,helena christensen, liya kebede, carolyn murphy,bella hadid, ashley graham.it was reallyamazing to be, you know, in the room with shalom harlow, all of us togethercelebrating was fantastic.fashion is always about what's next and what's new.and we had one model and to show that itwas her first fashion show, she had never done a show before.so we have the classic legend and then we have someone brand new.and i think that balance is the best balance of fashion also.40 years with celebritiesmichelle obama, her first official white house portrait,i was in london, i was at the theater and it was the interval.so i turned my phone on and i had probably300 texts and they were all : "congratulations, congratulations".i had no idea what it was about then i looked and i realizedthat mrs.obama was wearing this very modern, very sleek michael kors black jersey dress.i felt very proud, but also excited that we, i think, had a very differentapproach to how we looked at a first lady.they're people, too,they have kids and jobs and travel and and so many things happening in their life.so i feel very fortunate that i've gotten to meetand become friendly with so many people who i've always admired.40 years in art & culturenow i think more more than we did in the past,people realize fashion is part of pop culture.we are connected to pop culture.fashion is not on a sort of on a hilltop somewhere in the distance.fashion is is is related to film and to music, to theater, to artand to the streets.and so for me, that's always so important.and when i thought about this collection, i started designing it.we were finally in new york city, and when the museums opened to a limitedcapacity the day they opened, i rushed.40 years in the futurethe collection starting september, october,november, and hopefully the world is in a better placeso that we are able toget back to work, that we are able to have a celebrationbut make everything a celebration, get dressed up.because i found that in the last yearwhen i get dressed and i feel a little bit more polished, i feel better.i really do feel better.musique libre de droit :"12 feet deep" from oceanside