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Insider Dior- The disruptive fairytale of Maria Grazia Chiuri (with interview)

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Dior autumn-winter 2021/22 collectionmaria grazia chiuri explores the fairy-tale world through a video shot in the hall of mirrors in the palace of versailles, in which italian artist silvia giambrone displayed her work of mirrors in wax and thorns, directed by choreographer sharon eyal.a wardrobe for modern day princesses, playing on the codes of the house with softness and rigour. the materials are both delicate and protective. a focus on white collars, english embroidery breast plates, padded coats reminiscent of the signature, iconic canework, heads covered by a scarf or hood, pink as a flagship motif or as a decorative accessory for heels, white socks reminiscent of the world of childhood, and leopard print transformed into a small aviator jacket.interview with maria grazia chiurimy approach was also not a simple fairytale, but what there is behind the story that the fairy tale tells us. and also because i was very fascinated to discover that all the modern fairy tales that we know today were wrote in france during the 17th century, in versailles, from women, this thing is not so well known i want to really speak about women, like with clothes, they can use clothes to be different characters because fairy tales speak about the metamorphosing. and another aspect for me, that is very important, is also the link that i did when i started this project that in any case, is a choral project with this italian artist, that is sylvia giambrone, because in the fairy tale there are some aspects and some objects that are very present, like the mirror. the mirror is an element that is present in our lives, that is present in fashion, but probably we never think about how much the mirror influences ourselves. in fact, she covered the mirror with wax because she doesn't want that reflection, and in some ways she wants to say to us that if you want to build your identity, you probably should not to look at yourself in the mirror. the collection is a real collection, prêt-à-porter, i didn't want to realise a collection that is a costume because in any case, we are speaking about prêt-à-porter. so, this is a collection that i think represents in some way my vision for a new generation of dior women. i translate in contemporary way with different outfits, with different materials, more contemporary. i bring some prints from the archive because i found this incredible history, because every time i found something new in the dior archive. i didn't used to see myself in the mirror, honestly it is something that doesn't interest me so much, and probably that was very good for me. i understand that only now, i never think so much about this, but i really believe that it was very good for for myself.music issued from the film (only to be used in the context of milan fashion week, covered under the right to information)