From aviator jackets to dresses, discover Atelier Bison and their hand-crafted leather work, right in the heart of Paris

Discover the leather workshop with its passionate artisans in the heart of Paris, a rare concept in big cities. With over 20 years of experience in fashion, Catherine Dupon and a friend took over the workshop named Atelier Bison. Originally, the brand was known for producing the army’s famous aviator jackets, which became popular through the Top Gun film and more recently returned to the spotlight thanks to the French President Macron.Plus: The designer has also created an all year round ready-to-wear collection. From wedding dresses to nautical blouses as well as some party pieces in shiny tones. The high quality luxury material, leather, is also becoming more and more controversial.Interview with Catherine Dupon:I would say we have 3 types of clients who relate to this jacket, we have former pilots, who own a very old version, probably 30 years old, that they can no longer wear so they want to renew it, we have the pilot’s children or grandchildren and then afterwards we have the fashion victims who know that these jackets are authentic, they are from the Air Force and so they want one. So people understood that very quickly. It’s true that Macron suddenly created a real buzz, we actually had quite a few calls saying “we want Macron’s jacket”.I really like the unexpected and being a bit different, and I’m sure that there are no longer many brands that only use leather, so I had the possibility to enlarge and exploit everything. The way people viewed leather began to change, for example here is a rock and roll wedding dress with a white leather biker jacket and an oversized skirt, it’s fantastic.As a boutique we can guarantee that we don’t use the skin of any animal that was raised only for its skin, we use animals that we eat, so for me this traceability is important we are of course made in France and made in Paris, everything is produced here and I find it very transparent to know that the skin we use, comes from an animal which was grown and killed in France, I owe this to my clients as it means a lot to me.

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