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Noah's Ark according to Van Cleef & Arpels in an exhibition signed by Robert Wilson.

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Hotel d’evreux, place vendôme. we enter this sombre space stooping, before arriving in the main room, where music, screens and lights plunge us into another world… here is noah’s ark according to the house van cleef & arpels, or how the latest collection of haute joaillerie centered around the animal broach comes to life through an exhibtion open to the public and which was imagined and directed by the artist robert wilson. exhibition up until the 26th of september 2016. hôtel d'evreux - 19 place vendôme, 75001 paris.interview with robert wilson: how do i see something, that’s really difficult today because our senses are so bombarded by noise and distractions and so the light i think was the most important. we turn all the lights out in this room, and i light just my hand, suddenly the light is like an actor, it’s an active participant and also i thought of the space and the voyage and passage of a boat like an ark, and the passage of time, light and day and night, how these jewels could become like a navigation chart, like stars, this boat being just a little speck in the middle of a large body of water. so it’s a poetic work, it’s not a historic work, it’s a work that you can reflect on that, that you can see in many different ways, maybe someone who has no education, or someone who’s very young can appreciate it. interview with nicolas bos:a collection like that when you work with animals, where there is so much universality, we know that it can really seduce, it’s more than about the value of the piece, the hours we spend on it, or the price that it’s worth, that’s not really the question. it’s an experience that we want to share, by putting it into a public context, that is to say, we want to share this story with a wider public than just the public who knows the house well and who sometimes visits us in our shops, it’s interesting to bring to life in another way, with an artist, a director, in a different place. music from the exhibtion -