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Model to follow: Ruth Bell the English Rose with a shaved head

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Ruth bell, the english girl with a shaved head stands out a mile. with her rebellious look, she caught the designers’ eye. at 19, she still lives with her parents and her twin sister.interview from ruth bell: i started 3 years ago, everyone thinks i started this year when i shaved my head but no i’ve been doing it for 3 years and i got scouted when i was in paris actually when i was with my sister on holiday when we were 15 and we started together. david simms wanted to shoot me for the mcqueen campaign and paul hanlon and him decided together that they needed a shaved head girl for the campaign; so would i shave my head? yes of course no big deal! it was great, my agent cried and i loved it and she said it would ruin my career and i thought “no way!” it wouldn’t! it would be great. i prefer shoots, i prefer pictures because i think it is much calmer much more chilled, i am not so keen on the stress backstage, i like the actual show a couple of shows are fine but when you have the stress every day for a month it gets a bit thin but shoots are great as i like the chilled vibe on set!i never thought about fashion when i was younger, my family and i are not from this sort of background we are pretty normal working class family and i didn’t know any designers, photographers or models and now i am in the industry i am into it and then i get my parents into it as well! actually maybe not my dad, my dad still has bad fashion but if i get a free handbag that i don’t like or don’t use i give it to my mum so now she’s into it so it is fun. my favorite designer i really like saint laurent’s clothes but i like the men’s clothes and then i love the dkny collection this season i wanted to buy every single piece i am going to be so broke when those clothes go into the sale, so yes i am into dkny right now. music free of right : bandit & nikit