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Schiaparelli - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2014/15 Collection (with interviews)

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Second collection designed by marco zanini for the famous sciaparelli house, which after 60 years of sleeping, is reborn under the auspices of diego della valle. and for this winter season, panne velvet, alpaca wool, and mohair take over the wardrobe, for silhouettes with baggy high waist trousers and jackets with square shoulders and voluminous sleeves. we rediscover the house codes, like the shocking pink, the sparkling embroideries and whimsical prints (town rats, squirrels and other birds). the hats, created by stephen jones, uphold this label’s sophisticated elegance and familiar impertinence. interview:marco zanini :nothing is easy, you know especially in the case of schiaparelli because of her legacy, i mean her name is so tremendously relevant. so i really tried to focus, this is the second show, its time to focus on what is the look of schiaparelli, i mean this is exactly what we tried to do today. moderation, indeed, was not elsa’s formula, so i tried to work within boundaries of controlled excess, keeping in mind what elsa so cleverly did, she managed back then to balance the success with chic and elegance, becoming the parisian known worldwide for parisian chic. stephen jones:i wanted each hat to be different, like a wardrobe of hats. because couture is individuality, it is not a question of one look. the hats were made of felt, hand-knitted cashmere, velvet, satin. all the fabrics are really different. and sometimes there are hats with brooches on top, for example there is a saint sebastian hat with all these arrows sticking out of the hat. music from the show