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Chanel - Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 Show in Paris (with itw)

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The grand palais was once again transformed to host the chanel haute couture spring/summer 2014 show. with a staircase at each end and an orchestra in the middle, guest starring sebastien tellier who sports a pastel-shaded suit, karl lagerfeld unveils a cambon club ambiance. on the fashion side, cara delevigne opens the show in trainers and an embroidered ensemble. a new urban attitude exudes from every model and especially from their couture sneakers. the style was young, shiny and luminous and the silhouette was accentuated on the waist. karl lagerfeld reinterprets the embroideries, which become 3d, and the rhodoïd feathers. the skills of the ateliers are showcased once again through tweed which is reinterpreted in different ways and materials. couture, super light trousers are worn like a second skin. no accessories in sight: the focus is on the clothes…a show highlighting lightness and an urban shift that creates a forward-thinking couture collection.interview:karl lagerfeld:the aim from the start was to create a silhouette that was at the same time body-conscious and to also have very tight, disciplined lines, but in a context filled with volume, an almost sporty and oversized look as we have on the trainers so that it isn’t feigned, it isn’t the belle-époque. we are in 2014, we can do lots of different things and i like that when girls wear a dress worth thousands of euros, they still have the same allure as when they wear something sporty from adidas. there are all these transparent clothes, so it seems as if they are nude but in reality they are not, they are fully clothed in jumpsuits embroidered with precious stones.we have all these materials that look like wool or tweed, but in fact it is not tweed, just embroidery. these are made with special machines by hand, a few centimeters each day and you know at that price, we have to do something special.ana girardot : i found it magnificent of course, it is haute couture but it was transformed, it was rejuvenated, it was fresh, it was elegant. as an actress, i love to disguise and to transform myself through my clothes; couture is a wonderful playground.music from the show